Arbitrum One to Nativ3

1. Open the cross-chain bridge website and log in

2. Choose the token you want to transfer to the Nativ3 network, and enter the amount of token you want to transfer

3. Click on the Move button below, if you do not have the Arbitrum network, we will add the network for you automatically

4. Click the Approve button in the pop-up window, and at the same time, enter the amount you want to approve in the wallet

5. After approve in the wallet, continue to click on the confirm button in the wallet

6. Wait for the Nativ3 network to confirm, it is expected to take 15 minutes

7. Finally, check the order status, and after the confirmation is successful, you can check the change in the amount of transferred tokens on the Nativ3 network

Congratulations, you have successfully transferred tokens to the Nativ3 network.

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