US Nativ3 Token

Nativ3 Chain is excited to announce the launch of its official designated stablecoin: USNT (US Nativ3 Token). As part of the Nativ3 Chain ecosystem, USNT is a digital asset that is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This important initiative signifies a significant step for Nativ3 Chain in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry.

The primary goal of USNT is to provide a trusted and value-stable digital asset by pegging it 1:1 with USDT. Through the use of Nativ3 Chain's advanced technology, users can now store, transfer, and trade USNT on an efficient and low-cost blockchain platform.

As a Layer 3 EVM chain, Nativ3 Chain is dedicated to addressing scalability issues on the Ethereum network and improving user experience by reducing transaction costs and increasing throughput. The introduction of USNT brings more possibilities to Nativ3 Chain, allowing users to efficiently utilize stablecoins for payments, transactions, and value storage.

For users who prioritize asset stability, USNT is an ideal choice. Nativ3 Chain employs an innovative minting mechanism to create USNT. Users simply need to pledge an equivalent amount of USDT on Nativ3 Chain, and the corresponding amount of USNT will be minted and granted to the user. This process is simple, secure, and efficient without the need for complex procedures. In the future, Nativ3 Chain will consider introducing additional ETH or other tokens for over-collateralization to further enhance USNT's liquidity and issuance mechanism.

To maintain the stable price of USNT, Nativ3 has implemented a series of measures. When the price of USNT falls below $1, Nativ3 will repurchase circulating USNT to stabilize its price. On the other hand, when the price of USNT exceeds $1, we believe the market can self-adjust, and the system will not take further action.

Additionally, USNT has some notable features and use cases. Firstly, USNT can be used as payment for gas fees required for transactions on the Nativ3 Chain. This allows users to participate more easily in the trading ecosystem of Nativ3 Chain and enjoy low-cost and fast transaction experiences. Secondly, USNT can also be accepted as gaming tokens in most games on Nativ3 Chain, providing users with more flexibility and diverse entertainment options.

The issuance of USNT has no upper limit, ensuring the flexibility and liquidity of the stablecoin. Furthermore, the Nativ3 team is committed to continuously improving the liquidity of USNT by collaborating with other trading platforms and DeFi projects to ensure users can conveniently and efficiently trade USNT.

In summary, the launch of USNT makes Nativ3 Chain a more complete and comprehensive part of the decentralized finance ecosystem. By providing a trusted and value-stable digital asset, Nativ3 Chain aims to provide users with an enhanced trading experience and more financial opportunities.

We are excited to see the widespread adoption of USNT on Nativ3 Chain and will continue to strive for increased liquidity and stability of this digital asset to meet the growing demands of users.

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